Cooking A Delicious Steak To Perfection

It’s one of the age old arguments when it comes to cuisine and dining – how to cook a steak and what type of cut of meat to go for.

First of all, you need to get a good cut of meat and most people agree that the best steak that you can get for grilling or searing is a good piece of rib-eye. This cut normally stays juicy and moist, with the eye (the fat) adding flavor and intensity once it is cooked.

Other popular cuts include the fillet, the tenderloin and sirloin which is particularly popular in the United States. It is important to look for meat that is of a good deep red color and fat marbling will allow the juices to melt and be sealed inside once the steak is seared on the outside.

The next step is seasoning which is actually quite simple. If you want a delicious piece of steak, you should always rub in a lug of olive oil and then massage some sea or Himalayan salt into the meat and let it absorb before putting onto the heat. You must also make sure that the meat comes up to room temperature, otherwise it will not absorb enough heat to cook properly.

It is important to make sure that your grill or griddle pan is searing hot when you put the meat on it because putting a cold cut of meat onto a cool pan will not give you the searing that you need. For medium rare, you should only have the steak on the heat for total of six minutes. You want to get sear marks on the steak, but you should also turn it every 60 seconds because if not it will simply burn and become dry.

If you want rare, four minutes should do and if you want to eat it medium, seven or seven and a half minutes will suffice. Any longer and you will be eating charcoal. Once cooked, rub some butter or olive oil into the meat and let it rest for a minute before serving.

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