Essentials To Have In Your Kitchen

To prepare delicious and wholesome food, there are a few essentials that every aspiring cook or chef needs to have in their fridge and pantry.

There are many tips and tricks on the internet and you can also share your own discoveries by setting up a food blog. You can find comparisons of the features that different sites offer on to make the right choice.

But back to the kitchen… Sea salt flakes or Himalayan Rock salt in a grinder are one of such essentiala. They will add flavor and are a healthy option. Do be careful when using salt for seasoning or curing however as excess consumption of salt can lead to high blood pressure. You should always ask your guests whether they are allowed salt in their diet or not. Also, over seasoning with salt can totally ruin a meal.

Cracked pepper is also a must. If you want to get the best flavors, invest in a good pepper mill and look to buy unrefined pepper corns. There are plenty to choose from and they vary in heat and intensity. You could go for a mix of red, green, white and black, but most people stick to black pepper corns.

Invest in a good olive oil: there are some very simple tricks to know whether it is what it says it is on the label. To check whether olive oil is genuine, there are a few simple tests. The first is to pour a shot of it into a glass and simply swallow it. If you feel a peppery, burning sensation, then it is probably a good one. You can also pour it into a container and leave it in a fridge overnight. If it congeals, then it is a proper olive oil.

Another must to have in the kitchen is garlic. Garlic is used in all types of cuisines, ranging from Mediterranean to Indian to Mexican. Do not be fooled by the bleached white cloves you see on the shelves. Often, the most gnarled and dilapidated cloves are the ones that are full of flavor.

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